Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry  –  meets at Country Waffle,

every Saturday from 7:30 to 9:00 AM   

Leader:  Tom Stoffregen    (530) 383-0845 or  (530) 668-6106;                                         

Location: Country Waffles @ 383 W Main St #A, Woodland, CA 95695       

The Men’s Ministry at American Lutheran Church serves and supports numerous areas of the church bylaws.  We are also modeled after the Lutheran Men in Mission (LMM).  The vision of LMM is: For every man to be a bold, daring, follower of Jesus Christ. 

Under that vision the Mission is:  By God’s grace, to intentionally disciple men by personally modeling the character of Jesus Christ by living and leading a lifestyle intended to help transform them from having an inward focus to a culture of naturally loving and serving our neighbors.

At American Lutheran Church our men in mission team, have followed our mission of being called, gathered, equipped, and sent.  As a quasi-progress report, we are strong in the gathered and equipped areas.  We gather every Saturday for a fellowship and study breakfast.  We serve as the primary support team for church property needs.  As for equipping, the study for April – July is “Twelve Ordinary Men”, by John MacArthur.  We will be looking at each of the twelve Disciples and how The Master Teacher, Jesus, taught and shaped them to become the Apostles. 

Everyone is welcome, at the Country Waffles (corner of West Main Street and County Road 98).

For summer and fall, the team will be working on more gathering, and sending activities, designed to invite more men into this fellowship and to serve our community.

66/22chap 361-75Andrew, The Apostle of Small Things
76/29  Andrew, The Apostle of Small Things
87/6chap 477-94James, The Apostle of Passion
97/13  James, The Apostle of Passion
107/20chap 595-108John, The Apostle of Love
117/27chap 5108-117John, The Apostle of Love
128/3chap 6119-133Philip, The Bean Counter
138/10chap 7135-148Nathanael, The Guileless One
148/17chap 8149-165Matthew & Thomas, The Tax Collector & The Twin
158/24chap 9167-180James, Simon, & Judas (the other guys)
168/31chap 10181-198Judas Iscariot , The Traitor
179/7SummaryAllCatch-up & Review