Core Values

Congregation Ratified April 20, 2013

We Value:

Personal Prayer because it strengthens our personal relationship with
God, comforts, inspires, and empowers us.

Empowered Leadership because we are called to imitate our Lord
through focused intentional prayer, scripture study, and training.

Intentional Evangelism because we follow God’s call to’ share the lifegiving Gospel to all, through personal invitation and church programs.

Need-Oriented Community Service because we see need in our worl
and we desire to serve in Christ-like ways.

Cohesive Relationships because we gather as the family of God, we
chose to demonstrate healthy life-giving relationships.

Life Enhancing Scripture because it informs our lives, and guides our
actions through transformational preaching and study.

Blended Liturgical Worship because it glorifies God, inspires our daily
lives and equips us to serve.

Collaborative Team Ministry because we are called to follow Christ’s
discipleship model; we inclusively work together to mentor each other in
mutual growth.

Supportive Organizational Structures because we are called to do
ministry, our stewardship and assets are foundational in carrying out our

Generationally Focused Ministry because we offer focused ministries
that are inspiring, and growth enhancing for all ages.